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Hi my name is Connie Powell.  Painting is my Passion.  Sharing it with you is my Joy.


BLUE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR.  I'm sure that 99% of my paintings have blue in them. 


So, how did I become an Artist?  To be honest, I am still working on it every day.  When I'm not able to paint (at work, doing chores, nagging my husband or walking the dog, etc. etc.) I am thinking about it or looking at it.  If a technique or a style interests me I research it and try to figure out how to recreate it my way.  I've been in art groups and taken on line classes but self study has been a big part of my education as an artist.  I love all different art forms and styles.  Painting, sculpting and sewing just to name a few.  I'm fascinated by abstract art but partial to folk art as well.   All of it has beauty and meaning to me.  

About 20 years ago I was very much into the fiber arts.  Art quilting and Art Dolls.  I still love fiber but my TRUE LOVE is painting. 

I display and sell my work at local Art Fairs and Galleries.  I love talking to people about my art or art in general.


MY DREAM is to be able to offer online classes!  To share what I know and love with like minded people.  To create a community where we can all learn and grow together.

My favorite subjects to paint are women and animals.  I love to incorporate texture, dimemsion and color into my work.  I'm curious about so many things and would love to paint them all.

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