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The Winter Fox

with Connie Powell

Hello my Creative Friends!

I've always loved foxes.  They seem so mysterious looking like both a cat and a dog.

It's a rare site to see one during the day.  And if you do, maybe the Fox Spirit has a message for you.  Create a a fox with me and let's muse a little bit about spirit animals and totems.

NO DRAWING SKILLS NEEDED!  I will provide you with a line drawing of my own work to use as a starting point.  Or if you just love to draw you can use the reference photos provided in the lesson.

This lesson is a great one if you are just starting your creative journey but would also be a fun project for all levels.  

Each Fox that you create will be totally unique and different!

20200705_143155 (2)TNail.jpg
Fox Face Thumbnail.jpg
20200704_084713 (2).jpg

I will lead you through each step of the process.  We will create a textural semi abstract background using heavy gesso and acrylic paint.  Next comes the exciting part when you place your fox onto the landscape and he or she comes to life!  I will show you how to add texture, dimension and color to your painting.  

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