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Painting Equipments

Online Art Classes

Start Creating Today! 

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If you are just beginning your journey into the world of painting and 

mixed media art you have found the right place!  Many of my offerings are designed with you in mind.  In these over whelming times I find it can be hard to get into the "creating" mode.  When I feel that way I want a project where I use minimal supplies but still end up with a great outcome.

I invite you to give my FREE CLASSES a try.  

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Take Care

20200705_143329 (2)TNail.jpg

The Winter Fox

Gelli Printing with Stencils
Free Lesson

This mini lesson is all you need to get started making gelli prints.  

Carving Foam Stamps

Free Lesson

Create your own unique stamps using nothing but a ball point pen and a styrofoam tray.  It's possible to make dozens of these stamps!  You could make a unique stamp to go with each and every painting!

Found Objects

Free Lesson

This mini lesson is all about making marks with found objects.  

In the demo I am using my art journal, white acrylic paint over paynes gray paint.

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