Hi my name is Connie Powell.  Painting and creating is my passion.  My Dream is to one day share my knowledge and skills in the form of on-line workshops!  But I can't do that without you!  Join my e-mail list right here to connect with me and my art.  Together we can create something amazing!

Here are a few examples of my artwork including art journal pages, affirmation cards and work created on wood panels, canvas and cardboard

 Artist Statement 

My artwork reflects a softer gentler place.  Where we can all just be.   Lay back, smell the roses, listen to the birds sing and the water trickle.  That''s what it's all about  anyway. 

Other times my artwork reflects strong determined women.  Speak your truth, follow your path.  Do not apologize! 

My works are created using acrylic paint and inks, hand carved stamps, found and hand painted papers and collage elements. I love creating layers and texture.   

© Connie Powell 2017

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